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Different Of Office Sofa & Home Sofa

Many of us have perception that sofa suppose to be soft and comfortable. But not for Office Sofa, we can’t help but ask, why isn’t an office sofa made like a home sofa? In fact, the higher density of the sponge cushion makes the cushion harder, while the softer cushion sponge are usually with lower density, this makes you feels soft when you sit up. Soft sofas are suitable for home or private leisure places, generally not so much restraint in such occasions. You can do whatever you want, no matter lie down and sit back. When we talk about working environment, Home Sofa are not suitable for work from the perspective of sitting posture. When the sofa sponge too soft, it will sink the whole body, and the body's center of gravity will be unstable. Sitting on the sofa for a long time will lead to back pain and difficulty in getting up from the sofa while the sponge is too soft. It has disadvantage of causing the human blood vessels to be compressed, and easily cause poor blood circulation and local body swelling. Sitting on a soft sofa for a long time makes it difficult for a person's spine to maintain a normal physiological curvature, resulting in abnormally tight back muscles and also causing backaches and other side effects. You can get our sofa from our Category : Chesterfield Sofa, Modern Sofa, Single Settee, Win Sofa, Barcelona Sofa, One Seater Sofa, Two Seater Sofa, Three Seater Sofa, Rectangular Coffee Table, Oval Coffee Table, Square Coffee Table.