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Pekerja Kurang motivasi .. Adakah ini disebabkan oleh Perabot Pejabat?

As we can spot, many company or organization will renovate the company from time to time or replace office furniture on a regular basis when the financial capacity permits. One of the reason to do this is to maintain the physical and mental health of employees while at the same time improve the company's performance.
Office workers are getting younger and younger nowadays. The statistics shows average age of the working population is actually 30 years old, which some workers with this age are found difficult in sit at workstations for a long time. As being in the same environment for a long time will make people feel irritable, increase work pressure, this may lead to low work efficiency. Some spent money to consult a psychiatrist, or take time off to travel, to see the vast world, the worst is some of them just quite and resigned immediately. According to a recent company employee survey, the real reason for 60% of people to ask for leave is actually because of the feeling bored at working environment. Therefore, it's necessary for companies to create a pleasant and office space for their employees, the employees will be motivated with fresh new renovated environment. Apart from that, the management should understand that in addition to salary, benefits, and training, one thing to retain talents is a fresh working environment. Straight forward, to keep the working environment fresh is to replace office furniture.
Regular replacement of office furniture can make employees feel fresh about the office environment without feeling dull, it makes employees feel more motivated to go to work. Frankly speaking, company employees are the company’s greatest asset. In order to retain this greatest asset, you might give it a try to change office furniture regularly.